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How stretching improves flexibility and health?

Stretching and Health
Stretching and Health

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As discussed in this article, The Importance of Stretching

Stretching is the most essential activity that keeps the muscles flexible and brings adaptability to keep up a scope of movement in the joints. Stretching largely enhances the range of motion in the human body. Apart from a long list of advantages that the stretching exercises offer such as

  • It improves muscle balance around joints and fabricates flexibility and range of motion.
  • It warms up the sensitive tissues to help prevent injury.
  • It expands the blood vessels and channelizes oxygen to all zones of the body.
  • It improves muscle tone, position, flexibility, and coordination.
  • It likewise helps in relieving or healing out the back pain.

Stretching plays a crucial role in promoting the overall health of the human body. If we consider the range of motion as the freedom to the human body, stretching is the action that improves to arrive at the cutoff points. Even the prerequisite to perform yoga, stretching lays the foundation for it. The number of asanas or posture that exist in yoga practice relies upon the greatest conceivable stretching point and scope of movement for the body. Having said so it is quite evident that stretching plays a major role to reach out to those range of motion required for yoga practices. It helps channelize the oxygen by expanding the blood vessels that is the crucial aim of asanas. The rigidness in the muscle arises due to the lack of movement of the muscles. Therefore, stretching reduces this rigidness thereby promoting the maturity of muscle.

As the brain matures with the information that it gains with the experience. In a similar manner, the muscles mature with the possibilities it can reach and experience. Blood is responsible to deliver the essential nutrients to various body parts. Any blockages and hindrance that may arise in the body to deliver essential nutrients to different body parts can be eliminated with the expansion of blood vessels. Therefore, the expansions of these blood vessels largely depend on the stretching of the muscles.

Most importantly healthy flow of blood highly reduces the chances of diseases and suffering that the human body may experience.

Having listed out all those benefits and functioning the stretching exercise provides. We can conclude that the health of the human body and the role of stretching goes hand in hand.



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